What started as the happiest evening of his life turned into his worst nightmare. Dante is on his way to one of the most secret evenings in France. But he is not personally invited. Karim, his best friend, added him as his +1. So naturally, in this magnificent mansion in the middle of nowhere, they are viewed with both glee and suspicion. Even if this makes Dante uncomfortable, Karim is doing perfectly well: in this house are the most powerful heirs of France.

Among these beautiful people, Dante sees her, Luce. She is breathtaking. They talk: she tells him that here, people have known each other for several generations, like a big family. And every year they throw this big, lavish party for a whole week. This is their personal tradition. Between Dante and Luce, the alchemy is undeniable. So the night wasn’t so bad.

But at dawn, everything changes. The phones no longer work and the car keys are nowhere to be found. Worse still, for some inexplicable reason, people don’t seem to wake up. Karim is one of these people, Luce too. Their bodies are cold and unresponsive.

They are dead.

9 bodies at first. But it doesnt stop there.

A virus? A curse? An attack?

Faced with death, people transform. For some, it’s a last big celebration filled with excess. Others remember and repent. Little by little, they realize that they might be in the middle of someone’s sick game, with clues and riddles calling into question their past, their family or even the origin of their fortune.

Believing the key to their liberation lies in the puzzle, Dante investigates the house, gathers clues to try to find a motive, interviews witnesses or confronts alibis. The dealer’s friend is now the detective. And these people are not as perfect as they claim to be.

But he has to think quickly. The more time he goes without sleep, the more difficult it is for him to grasp reality, without losing himself in paranoia and confusion..